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Illinois State's Design System

Empowering you to create meaningful connections.

The Illinois State design system helps us create a common user experience across all University digital platforms.

People engage with us on our digital platforms every day. They visit our websites, interact with us on social media, and read our emails. The design system includes patterns, guidance, and governance to make sure we are all consistent.

Guiding Principles

Guiding principles are the answer to what we value. They call us to action and remind us to stay focused on what's important.

Incorporate them into every digital interaction you create.

  • Considerate

    Focus on people. Being considerate shows we care and respect people's time and attention.

    Remember you're a human communicating with other humans. Provide a friendly, human experience. Understand why people come to your platform and put their needs first. What you present to people should have a purpose and help them accomplish their goals.

  • Informative

    Make educated decisions. Being informed ensures we all look and sound like Illinois State University.

    Our guidelines are rooted in research, strategy, and proven best practices. They offer consistency and structure, and simplify the decision making process.

  • Flexible

    Adapt to change. Being flexible helps us innovate and achieve success.

    Best practices evolve constantly. We prepare for new developments by building platforms and experiences that can adapt. Keep an open mind to learning and stay agile.

Getting Started

Start forming connections with these basic guidelines in mind.

Latest Release

2.2.0 April 8, 2021

  • Reorganized and refreshed the homepage
  • Added Design System Guiding Principles
  • Relabeled Common Guidelines and Patterns as Getting Started, reduced number of links
  • Added Latest Release to homepage with link to full changelog
  • Moved full changelog to Latest Releases page under Contribute
  • Updated lede text for all cards on Guidelines

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